Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Beside fundamental financial management a strong Corporate Identity is the number one thing that separates small companies from world-class competitors. The Corporate Identity sets the internal and external “personality” of a company.

Pick any type of business and find the leaders, they ALL have corporate identities that blow away the competition. This is true at all levels and sizes of the business. This is what separates Coke from Pepsi, and what separates McDonalds from Burger King.  The Corporate Identity is also the difference between your local hometown diner or hamburger shop and these multinational companies. It is clearly not the product or services that make one company grow exponentially in profits, but the techniques, strategies and skills implemented by the management.  The difference is definitely NOT the quality of the hamburgers.

A great Corporate Identity has at it’s centerpiece a killer Core Narrative©. CI’s reinforce brand recognition among your target audience. Get the same proven marketing results the biggest enterprises get. With our help, your brand will get recognized – guaranteed.

What is Corporate Identity?

Corporate identity is the pieces, aspects, ideas, methods and techniques a company uses to differentiate itself from the rest. When a brand is associated with a color, a combination of colors, shapes, pictures, phrases, music, etc. a Corporate Identity plan has been carried out. It’s proven that a company that has a consistent Corporate Identity is taken much more seriously than those that don’t.

What is a Core Narrative© and why do I need one?

The “Core Narrative©,” or corporate pitch, serves an extremely valuable purpose as the central organizing ingredient of your Corporate Identity. A great Core Narrative© can dramatically improve training, client access, closing ratios, profitability, and more. The cost of training new personnel or sales staff can take a huge amount of resources and time. Teaching someone all the subtleties of why a prospect should buy their product or service can be a daunting task. A Core Narrative© uses data and story telling as a retention assistant and motivator. Suddenly, this manager, employee or client can describe and train an outsider how to REALLY sell this product in one brief conversation while passing through all the necessary strategy and information. It creates the basis for easy sales rapport and consistency throughout many company departments.

Why should you choose us for designing your Corporate Identity?

Because our team of professional graphic designers and marketing experts do this particular work all day everyday. This special talent is what they do.They will helps you build a powerful and recognizable Corporate Identity and Core Narrative© that gives uniqueness to your company. Eventually, this will give you an enormous advantage over your competitors.

We offer Corporate Identity packages including logo, business cards, envelopes and stationery, but we can also provide any other pieces, such as brochures, posters, CD labels, booklets, stickers, etc., even industrial and design works. With our help, we can guarantee you will obtain the shocking results you want.

Corporate identity, sometimes seen written as CI, refers to the external “personality” projected by a corporation. The idea of Corporate Identity integrates the look and feel of designs and communications, along with the corporation’s behavior. Companies of all sizes invest a great deal of energy in their corporate identities, since the persona of a corporation influences the way people think about the company. Many firms specialize in Corporate Identity and public image control.

The first aspect of Corporate Identity has to do with branding. The logo is often the center of company branding, since it is an easily recognizable symbol which sets the corporation aside from other companies. Branding typically also includes a color scheme, and a general look and feel across a product family which makes all products recognizable. For example, a tea company will use related designs for all of its packaging, allowing consumers to pick its products out from among the competitors.

The branding of some corporations is very familiar to many consumers, demonstrating how powerful the look and feel of company products can be. Most consumers around the world, for example, recognize the classic script font and red and white color scheme of the Coca-Cola label, or the yellow and red color scheme of McDonald’s. Consistency of branding is a large issue, as consumers may reject products with entirely different design schemes.

Communications is also an important part of Corporate Identity. Communications include things like advertisements, press releases, news features, and phone service. Usually, a company focuses on providing uniform communications which present the corporation in a positive light. These communications also encourage consumers to think of the company when they need a specific product or service.

Finally, corporate behavior and ethics are a crucial component of a Corporate Identity. Since some consumers actually base their buying habits on how companies act, many companies focus on presenting a very specific image. For example, a company may promote its use of green energy, the rejection of sweatshop labor, or products manufactured in a specific country. Publicly scrutinized members of the corporation are also generally expected to behave impeccably, ensuring the consumers think of the company in a good light.

Managing Corporate Identity is serious business, especially in a crowded market. Specialists may work extensively with companies before they launch, and every time they introduce new products or services. These specialists ensure that the company is acting in a way which is consistent with its Corporate Identity, keeping the company’s position in the market strong.

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