Meet Top Executives

Leave the gurus and motivational speakers behind and learn what it takes to grow the ultimate business. If you are looking to pay $5000 to attend business and personal growth seminars we are not the company for you.  Meet a Top Business Executive every month for free! Every month, Ritchie Havok International interviews top CEO’s […]

What is a Self-Liquidating Offer?

A self-liquidating offer is a free offer or gift that activates prospective clients to participate in a marketing dialogue where you sell a high-value, low-cost product or service that will generate sales to offset the costs of promotion, advertising, and client acquisition. When done right it can also directly lead directly to profitable sales. How […]

Start Growing Your Online Presence Through Search Engine Optimization Today

Many don’t think of Las Vegas and Nevada as a place where technology, branding, and internet optimization thrive as vibrant industries. Well, they would be wrong. Steve Wynn at Wynn Resorts, and Sheldon Adelson, owner of Palazzo and The Venetian, are not only two of Forbes’ ten richest men in the world, they are internet […]

Legal Advertising and The Four Crippling Mistakes

Making Mistakes in Marketing Is Like Throwing Money Out The Window With the extremely competitive nature of the legal industry, you need to get the maximum level of results out of every marketing dollar. Are you getting the most out of yours? Or are you making one of the four marketing mistakes we see legal […]

Squeakiest Advertiser Doesn’t Always Get The Sale

Creative Marketing Needs Great SEO Copy Virtually no one who watches TV is immune to being carpet bombed by ad campaigns that unleash a numbing repetition of messages day and night. It’s a take-no-prisoners strategy employed by advertisers like law firms, tax consultants, politicians, and many others intended to drive their target audiences into submission […]

A Great Corporate Identity Quadruples Profits Everytime

What is A Corporate Identity? The “Corporate Identity,” is much more than a corporate pitch or core story, and has an extremely valuable purpose as the central organizing ingredient of any company. A great Corporate Identity can dramatically improve training, client access, closing ratios, profitability, and more. The one absolute in business is consistency and […]

The Anatomy of a Successful Fundraising Email

Email marketing is one of the most important fundraising tools that social impact organizations use. It’s an inexpensive way to reach many people at a moment’s notice. It’s also an easy way to send out mass appeals. And with the click of a button, you can guide supporters directly to your donation page.The trouble is, […]