In bad economic times, the big and the strong destroy the small and the weak.

In bad economic times, the big and the strong destroy the small and the weak. This has been true in every downturn the economy has ever seen. Here’s the other certainty. Those companies that build and grow during these hard times, become the industry leaders of tomorrow when the economy stabilizes. The good news is; now’s the time to act! You can remember this as the great recession, or the recession that made your company great.

Since there are only 24 hours in every day, the only path to durable success is doing things smarter and more efficiently, with great consistency.  This is what separates the winners and losers. The problem in most companies is not the products or services being sold, but in the skills and creative innovation the entrepreneurs and managers apply to the core profit areas of their business. At Quadruple Profits we have broken these down into 10 areas of success and named them the Core Profit Centers.

My local diner serves the best cheeseburger deluxe I have ever eaten. 150 people eat there on a good week. Two blocks away is a “Fortune 500” burger franchise that serves 150 people an hour. I assure you the difference is not the quality of the meat, but the prowess of each executive that has a laser focus on these 10 Core Profit Centers.

Once your business model and systems are rock solid, consistency and efficiency are the wind under your feet rocketing you to the finish line. Our overall strategy is to supercharge these 10 centers, and coordinate them to look and feel consistent, and moving in the same direction. I have written a report, “10 Areas of Consistent Focus to Quadruple Profits and Transform Your Business: The Core Profit Centers.” This paper outlines these ten areas of success, the impact they have on your bottom line, and how to supercharge each one to quadruple your profit margins and increase the money in your pocket.

Eleven Core Business Profit Centers

  1. 11 Core Profit Centers

    1. Core Narrative (Corporate Identity)
    2. Corporate Pitch
    3. Financial Management
    4. Branding and Design
    5. Sales and Marketing
    6. Human Resources
    7. Corporate Culture
    8. Digital Internet Everything
    9. Policies, Procedures, and Planning
    10. Time Management
    11. Consistency and Efficiency

Although it comes last on our list the setting for great success includes consistency, efficiency, and coordination. Spending more and more money, time, and energy on sales that won’t put money in your pocket is a waste of a great product or service, and of course what might have been the world’s greatest marketing plan. Efficiency, as described in my writing here and elsewhere, cost nothing but brainpower, and every move you make toward being more efficient is money that ends up directly in your bank account.

Effective entrepreneurs and CEO’s know they must master these 10 areas, or delegate the responsibilities. Many owners/managers do a few of these really well, but to quadruple profits and build a strong durable company that you can count on in good times and bad, takes a consistent approach that has a relentless focus on improving and adjusting these 10 Core Profit Centers.

To begin this process, you must start by understanding the Core Narrative or corporate pitch. It’s number one on the list, and the starting point for any attempt to supercharge your company and slaughter the competition. Not only that, with a lot of hard work and determination you can create it yourself for free! The Core Narrative is discussed further in my article, “A Great Core Narrative Quadruples profits Every Time.” Once you have done the research and created a KILLER Core Narrative you will be ready to focus on “financial management” and the other 8 profit centers.

What We Can Teach You

The concepts and strategies I teach in relation to the Core Profit Centers will build and increase your long-term competitive advantage and exponentially increase your sales and profits. Each one alone can increase your profits dramatically, but together, coordinated into an organized plan that you and your employees follow religiously, the Core Profit Centers will quadruple your profits. When done right, you will create a business which has a durable competitive advantage that will quadruple profits for decades.

Not everyone is capable of mastering all these areas. What world class entrepreneurs do best is bring superstar talent together in an environment of collaboration and innovation. They understand there’s only 24 hours a day, and to supercharge sales, quadruple profits, and slaughter the competition they must work smarter not harder and find other superstars to accomplish the tasks they can’t.

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