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“The most important word in the vocabulary of a marketing campaign Is TEST! Test your promise. Test your media. Test your headlines and illustrations. Test the size of your advertising. Test your frequency. Test your level of expenditure. Test your copy. Test your commercials. Never stop testing and your advertising will never stop improving.” –David Ogilvy

What We Do


Business Growth Hacking

Business Growth Hacking

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Photography and Videography

Corporate photography and videography is one of our specialties. We create visuals for TV and

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

When working on this theme, we’ve put creative businesses and artists front and center. Naturally,

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Jingles and Audio Tags

From Coke to McDonalds jingles have been at the center of all large brand advertising

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Brand Research

Research will set you free.  It is the path to success in almost every Core

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Something About Us

Here you can write about your company, but this time we’ll tell you more about ourselves!

While we’ve been working in the WordPress themes industry for over a decade, we had to take our time and do a detailed planning for creating a theme as complex as Magic is. Basically, it took us weeks upon weeks to polish this theme to perfection, making sure that both its visual aesthetics and its functional capabilities are as high-end as possible…

What People Say

When our architectural bureau decided to change a domain and get a new website, we were referred by our friends to try this awesome template!

Steven Mild developer

As a modern artist I consider my website a part of my art world. Luckily, this theme is creative enough!

Jenna Ellise developer

When my boss asked me to find a new design for our event organizing agency, at first I was at a loss. But luckily I’ve stumbled upon this theme and just loved it at a first sight!

Adam Smith developer

Looking for a Theme That’s Both Vibrant & Functional?

The Magic WordPress theme is just like that, combining the best of both worlds. With design skins being vibrant, colorful & UI-enhanced, the theme also features lots of plugins, making its functionality fully-fledged.t.