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How Business Growth Hacking will exponentially your sales and marketing efforts.

How it Works

Business growth hacking is a process of exploring a company’s Core Profit Centers, creatively organizing and developing the findings, and recommending actions, tactics, and strategies that will exponentially grow your company and supercharge efficiency and profits.

Growth hacking the sales and marketing of your business is about discovering the unique lever or action that will exponentially grow sales and profits, and provide your business a durable competitive advantage that slaughters the competition.

Our team is built with best-in-class talent at every level! We are the fastest expanding business growth firm in America because we have superstar talent from our marketing and branding department to our accounting and financial modeling team.

Startups to well established companies

Sales and Marketing, Corporate identity, business growth hacking

Sales and Marketing Consulting Services

Business growth hacking is the Ritchie Havok difference! Give us 20 minutes to go over your business model, core profit centers, products, and services, and we will show you how to exponentially grow sales and profits, and build a durable competitive advantage that slaughters the competition.

Call now and receive a free 20-minute consultation that concentrates on your business and sales and marketing strategies to exponentially grow your business.

You will walk away with incredible new ideas to change your business.

No charge, no sales pitch, no matter what!

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Sales and Marketing, business growth hacking different parts.

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Sales and Marketing

Story - Culture - Branding - Pitch

Creating the right corporate identity will supercharge every aspect of your company from sales and marketing to employee recruitment and retention.  We use the power of research to craft a story that will motivate prospects and your best buyers and establish your company as the industry leader. Every team member in each of your core profit centers will move in the same direction and project your corporate culture to other team members, customers, competition, and future prospects.

Once you create this powerful narrative and train every team member you will have an entire workforce selling your company’s products and services with every touch and every interaction. The culmination of a great corporate identity is an education-based marketing pitch that educates instead of sells. No one wants more salesy website ads and marketing emails…but everyone wants to learn, grow, and be a part of something that adds value to their lives. This is what a great corporate identity can accomplish.  This one long-term strategy will do more to support exponential growth than any one salesperson, product or service. 

While everyone else in your industry is busy pitching product info, features, and benefits, which will only appeal to 3% of the target market at any given time, you will open up the buying pyramid by using the power of market and industry data to shift the buying criteria and appeal to your entire total addressable market.



Don't Fail because you DIDN'T do the research!

Sales and Marketing AB Testing Process for the purpose of business growth hacking

35% of All Companies Fail Because of Sales and Marketing.

Maximize Internet Sales and Marketing Success through Research, Testing, Reporting, Refinement, and Re-Testing!

  • Importance of Research and Testing: Research, testing, and reporting results are critical to ensuring the success of internet marketing efforts.

  • Measuring ROI: In order to be successful, business managers must understand the return-on-investment (ROI) for every dollar spent on advertising.

  • Need for Audits: To gauge the effectiveness of internet marketing campaigns, it is essential to receive regular audit reports from a 3rd party. If your current agency is not providing these reports, it’s time to switch to a new agency.


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